Monday, December 11, 2006

WorldNetDaily: War opponents too smug for their own good

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 Here is another great article by Dennis Prager:

In this week's New York Times Book Review, a historian reviewing a major new work of 20th-century history, Oxford and Harvard professor Niall Ferguson's "The War of the World," notes that "Ferguson argues that the Western powers should have gone to war in 1938, which would most likely have avoided much of the horror of World War II. ..."

Imagine that. The New York Times publishes a favorable book review of a book arguing that a pre-emptive war in 1938 would have saved tens of millions of lives aside from preventing the Holocaust, "without parallel ... the most wicked act in all history."

You have to wonder if the Times' editors and all their allies on the left, who have spent the last four years mocking the very notion of pre-emptive war, read this review.

I often make the same argument when I debate the leftists.  They usually don't have a good answer.

Link to WorldNetDaily: War opponents too smug for their own good

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