Tuesday, December 12, 2006

PC War: when political correctness takes over combat operations.

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Yesterday, thanks to Little Green Footballs, I found this story:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Hundreds of Palestinians formed a human shield around the home of a militant in the northern Gaza Strip late Saturday to prevent an Israeli air strike on the building, residents said.

People flocked to the home of Mohammedweil Baroud after he received a warning from the army late Saturday giving him 30 minutes to leave the house.

Barhoud is a commander in the Popular Resistance Committees in the northern town of Beit Lahiya and said to be in charge of firing homemade rockets at Israel. Crowds of people stood on the rooftop and in the yard of the home.

LGF did not comment on this story, other than emphasize the AP bias.  I, however want to turn attention to the insanity of warning your enemy to evacuate the targeted location before it is hit.  For comparison, imagine warning the Nazis before the Allied airstrike on the V2 rocket factory in Peenemünde.  Or, just imagine warning the Nazis before any Allied airstrike on V2 rocket launchers.  But as bad as this was, today it has gotten even worse (again, thanks to LGF):

BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip - Hundreds of Palestinians serving as human shields guarded the homes of two top militants Sunday, a new tactic that forced Israel to call off missile strikes on the buildings and re-evaluate a mainstay of its aerial campaign in Gaza.

In recent months, the Israeli air force has repeatedly struck the homes of militants after warning residents by phone to clear out. Israeli security officials said they did not know how to respond to the human shield tactic, but pressed ahead with other airstrikes Sunday.


The army said it called off the nighttime airstrikes because of the crowds. It condemned what it said was a cynical exploitation "by the terrorists of uninvolved people as human shields."

Israeli military officials acknowledged they had no solution for the standoff. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.

I have a "solution for the standoff": bomb them anyway.  There will be no "standoff" the next time.  If the Allies would have conducted World War 2 this way, we would be speaking German and Japanese.  No, let me correct this: you, my fellow Americans, would be speaking German and Japanese.  As for me and my family, we simply would not be around to speak anything.

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