Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The legal jihad

This is an article by Phillis Chesler in the Front Page Magazine:

When will the West awaken? Of course, I am not talking about your ordinary citizen or soldier but about our Talking Heads and other gate-keeping chatterers who simply refuse to "get it."

Cambridge University Press not only recalls but has promised to pulp the book that authoritatively documents one Saudi billionaire's funding of terror; many anti-jihadic writers and all our leading mainstream media have privately apologized to this same billionaire. Only Rachel Ehrenfeld has refused to "apologize" for telling the truth and has counter-sued him in an American court of law based on her First Amendment right to tell the truth. (She was initially sued in London where she lost by default; she chose not to appear in court).

At a recent conference in Los Angeles, sponsored by the American Freedom Alliance, Daniel Pipes announced his intention to start a legal defense bail fund for those who are sued by Islamists and their Western apologists for telling the truth. Not a moment too soon--although, regrettably, perhaps too late for Ehrenfeld. And, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has begun a process of legal intimidation against my esteemed colleague, Robert Spencer. Accordingly, David Horowitz has launched a legal defense fund for Spencer. I have pledged money to this and advise us all to do the same.

Before this war is over, we will each need legal defense funds. And that's if we're lucky. Those in the Islamic East need bodyguards and air-lifts to safety in the West. But there is a pattern emerging in the West which we ignore at our own peril.

Of course, read it all.  Here is a scary thought.  Consider the stories about public school madrassa in New York, Carver Elementary School in San Diego, Foot-Washing Basins for Muslim Students, Sharia in Britain etc.  Can you imagine any of this prior to 9/11?  It is scary, because it seems that Al-Qaeda succeeded beyond its wildest dreams.  Even as our soldiers are chasing down the violent Islamists, our public officials are cowering in front of the Islamist front organizations like CAIR.  As long as political correctness exists, the bastards are very skillful in using our laws against us.  We need leaders who will shed any pretence of political correctness, and fast.  We need to stand up to this legal jihad and say: "Enough is enough".  And by the way, for once I would support litigation.  For example, suing Carver Elementary would be the right thing to do.  For once, let's use our laws and political correctness to our advantage.

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