Thursday, June 14, 2007

Modern Media reporting on D-Day

When last week I attempted to describe how the Modern Media would report the Normandy Landing on June 6, 1944, I was not the only one thinking along these lines (via Michelle Malkin):

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Michael said...

That would have been funnier, if it weren't so true...

Left out of the broadcast:
The fact that Omaha was only 1 of 5 landings;

Any mention of Allied success on the other beaches (which paved the way for the breakout from Omaha);

The Allied air supremacy (at a rough scale of 2000 to 1) was never mentioned;

In the last segment (why are we fighting Germany), no mention was made of Germany's declaration of war against the US on Dec 11, '41.

It makes you wonder what the media leaves out when they report today's wars?