Saturday, April 14, 2007

Disagreement between friends

Freedom Now, my friend and fellow member of the Sand Diego Chapter of Protest Warrior, disagreed with my posts on the British-Iranian crisis.  His comments are here and here.  Now, obviously, this is a disagreement between friends, people who share the same goals, like defeating Islamo-Fascism and defending Western Civilization.  This is what loyal opposition used to be about: arguing about the means to achieve common goals.  But I digress.  Back to my argument with my friend.  He does not think that the Brits surrendered to the Iranian demands.  He also thinks that mine and others' disappointment about the whole thing drives a wedge between us and Britain, undoubtedly one of our most loyal allies and the most significant ally at that.  I don't think that my criticism of the British rules of engagement and the Royal Navy personnel is enough to drive that wedge in.  So, I would like to ask my friend to explain why I am wrong on that point.  I would like also to ask my friend to explain why he does not think that the British Government surrendered to Iranian demands.  I suspect that the release of the Iranians we captured in Iraq is coming.  That would constitute our surrender along with the Brits.

Let me elaborate a bit on my own point.  What I lamented in my posts (and nothing changed since) is the attitude.  The attitude of not treating the war we are in like a real war.  This attitude is shared to a large extent by our own Government, by the Administration that both my friend and I support.  Instead of defining the enemy at least by ideology, the enemy is defined by merely tactics that he uses, i. e. War on Terror instead of War against Islamism.  Political Correctness runs amok.  The Government makes no effort to explain why we have to fight.  The explanation of the war, including the Iraqi theater, is left to the bloggers.  Believe it or not, propaganda is a vital part of the war effort.  And it is totally neglected.  The mainstream media plays the role of Axis Sally, and the Administration makes no effort to counter it.  No achievements, no heroic deeds are reported.  In my post I mentioned the BBC refusing to air a docudrama about a Victoria Cross winner in Iraq.  But our MSM is no better.  And apparently the British rules of engagement require asking for approval from London before firing on hostile forces.  We are losing the war of public opinion, and, if things don't change, we will lose the war itself.

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