Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Curchill is crying

It might have been apparent from my numerous links to The Churchill Centre site that I am a great admirer of Sir Winston Churchill.  I consider him the greatest statesman of the 20th Century.  There are some others that come close.  Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher come to mind.  But Churchill led the Free World all alone at the time of great peril.  Some people say that America won World War 2, others say that Soviet Union won that war.  But without Churchill standing up to the Nazis there would not be the war to win.  People of Europe would basically have a choice between Stalin and Hitler: not a good choice to have.  Well, I found the photoshop below via Bill's Bites (originally posted here):

After seeing this picture I wanted to cry myself.  Basically the British rules of engagement were akin to a Spitfire or a Hurricane pilot observing German bombers approaching England, but being ordered not to shoot them down until the pilot makes sure that they actually intend to bomb, which would happen after the bombs start dropping.  Here is Austin Bay's analysis of the British surrender.  There is nothing to excerpt.  Just read it.  And here is Dennis Prager's article.  It is all very sad, really.

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