Saturday, March 24, 2007


Whenever I participate in countering the leftist demonstrations, I like to question the leftists about their beleifs.  I always try to show them that if they are truly liberal and consistent in their beliefs, then they should not be supporting what they support.  So, during last Saturday demonstration I gave one leftist lady a flier with this photograph on it:

I told her that I call this "Hezbo-Jugend", to which she replied: "Let's not call people names".  Of course, the obvious response to her admonition is another question: "What else would you call a bunch of kids in a Hezbollah summer camp, raising their right hands in Nazi salute?".  On the other hand, the leftists are never shy about calling people names.  Last Saturday I was called "a criminal", and one of our marines was called "a baby killer".  Dennis Prager, who I respect immensly, often says that, while the Right often considers those on the Left silly, uneducated and misguided, the Left often thinks of those on the Right as evil.  Perhaps this could be explained by the common misconception that Fascism and Nazism are on the Right.  But I am about to break with tradition of considering the Left stupid or misguided.  Burning US soldier in effigy is evil.  Supporting the people who train kids in the picture above is supporting the Nazis.  Advocating abandonment of the people of Iraq to monsters who use kids in suicide bombings is depraved indifference and evil.  Finally, attempting to force defeat on the United States is treasonous.

There.  I've said it.  The Left is evil, Nazi-sympathizing, indifferent and treasonous.  Try proving me wrong.

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