Monday, February 19, 2007

My lonely Protest Warrior action - scroll down for updates

This Saturday I got a call from one of my friends from our local San Diego chapter of Protest Warrior.  He told me about the impending so called "anti-war" demonstration on President's Day.  I prefer calling it anti-victory demonstration, but that is besides the point.

Jeeni Criscenzo, former candidate for Congress, has organized a protest called "Bring their buddies home".  The leftists dress in black and stand along a road, with names of US soldiers killed in Iraq pinned to their chests.  They call it "An Act of Art".  San Diego chapter of Protest Warrior decided to stage a little counter-protest.  This morning I went to the corner on Tamarack and Carlsbad Blvd. and started passing little 4"x6" American Flags.  You know, a general expectation is that a stereotypical leftist would hate to hold an American Flag.  As it turns out, it is not always the case.  In the beginning the leftists just thought that the flags were part of the whole thing, although a couple did refuse to take them outright.  After I passed around about a dozen or so flags, Jeeni Criscenzo confronted me.  She said that the flags are not part of the demonstration and asked me "to respect her artwork, because the flags are spoiling it" ( I am paraphrasing).  My argument that the flags add something good to her message did not persuade her.  She was polite and got me to say "OK".  After thinking a bit about what to do next, I just started walking with a bunch of flags in my hand in front of the protesters and giving them to those who asked.  Pretty soon I gave away all my flags (about 50).  Many protesters wanted to take the flags, but could not because they were too cold or covered with plastic because of the rain.  Some of the protesters refused to take the flags, especially after hearing me explain to KUSI that I represented an opposing point of view.  But many were happy to take the flags.  They were obviously more patriotic than the organizers of the demonstration.  I also talked to FOX6 News.  The KUSI reporter at least seemed neutral, but the FOX6 guy was likely biased in favor of the anti-victory people.  I told him that you can't cut reinforcements from the troops in battle.  I also told them both that I was originally from the former Soviet Union, and I appreciate this country very much, because I have something to compare it to.  The FOX6 guy asked me what I thought about WMD not found in Iraq, and I said that Saddam did have them.  So, the anti-victory people started shouting: "Where are they?!", to which I replied that that was a good question that needs to be answered, but Saddam did have them because he did use them.  Later I called Roger Hedgecock and told him about my morning because I did not trust the TV news to accurately report on my actions there.  Let's see what part of my 2 interviews will make a cut.


UPDATE at 6:25pm:

The 6 o'clock edition of KUSI news did not show my interview at all.  They did show me passing flags and people holding my flags, but it made it look like they were the ones who came up with flags.  I don't want them to hide their defeatist message behind my flags, so I am very disappointed at this time.  Let's see what happens at 10pm.


UPDATE on 2/20/07 at 11:25pm:

KUSI news at 10pm did not show the demonstration at all.  The 11pm edition was the same as the 6pm edition.  However, FOX6 News did show me passing the flags around and even a small portion of my interview.  Here it is.

Additionally, my fellow Protest Warriors pointed out to me one crucial detail that I told them over the phone, but forgot to mention in this post.  As I was returning back to my car, I passed by the people whom I gave the flags before Jeeni Criscenzo confronted me.  They did not have the flags any longer.  Jeeni must have taken the flags away from them or just told them to put the flags away.  After all, she could not allow American Flags to "spoil her artwork".  Besides, the flags would represent a dissent from her plan, and the Left can't tolerate that.

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